Meet the Doctor

About Dr. Stubbs

 Dr. Stubbs received her Nursing degree from Saddleback College in 1983, her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life College in 1992, and her Acupuncture Degree from Parker College in 1995.

She is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Childbirth Instructor, Certified Chinese Herbalist, and a Nutritional Expert.

Dr. Stubbs has furthered her career by mastering Functional Medicine courses, which uses your individual blood work to track your health and nutrition goals.

She has two wonderful kids, a son in law and a very supportive husband. The whole family has chiropractic adjustments regularly and avoids many illnesses and discomforts such as joint aches from sports, and even the common cold.  Her free time is spent traveling to watch her son rodeo.






Meet Our Staff

Ginny is the Office Manager/Chiropractic Assistant at Crossroads Chiropractic and has been with Dr. Stubbs since she opened in 2000. Her infectious bright smile and bubbly personality will greet you at the front door. She is responsible for coordinating all phases of the front desk operations including patient scheduling, collection and wellness product fulfillment to ensure your visit will be a pleasant one. She can answer any questions about your insurance plan or any other billing questions you may have. Ginny will apply therapies, educate, and train our patients in the rehab area. She is a compassionate person and is happy to help our patients feel comfortable and enjoy their visits with Dr. Stubbs. Ginny brings her impressive life experience and "people" background to the center making the business of health care joyful. She enjoys interacting with the patients and the upbeat environment, all while maintaining a clean and enjoyable office.


Delaney is an assistant at Crossroads Chiropractic. She is dedicated to keeping the office clean and enjoyable. She also meets and greets every patient with a smile, will apply therapies, educate, and train our patients in the rehab area, and she can assist you with any questions you have. Her main goal is to make you feel welcome, to further educate you on chiropractic care, and make you feel a part of our Crossroads Chiropractic family.


Massage Therapy

Jade Russell, an award winning honor student and 2010 graduate of St. Clair  County High School, also graduated in the top 3% of her class at Gadsden State Massage Therapy Program in 2013.  Jade obtained her Alabama State  Board License (#3926) for massage therapy in January of 2014 and joined Dr. Stubbs at Crossroads Chiropractic in March of 2014, specializing in Swedish and Deep Tissue massage.  Having family members in the medical and mental health fields, Jade has long been aware of the practical application of massage therapy in rejuvenating not only the body, but mind and spirit as well.  Jade determined early on this would be her chosen field and is dedicated to making a positive difference to those seeking the healthful benefits of massage therapy.