Saliva Testing

Your body has an in-built system designed to keep you healthy and vital well into your early 100s. If you learn how this in-built system comprehensibly works then you can live well, symptom-free, for most of your years. If you are symptomatic, you need to know that the body is still on automatic pilot to self-repair. If you are unhealthy, you will find healing by focusing on effectively turning on your body's regenerative process.

Using your saliva as a diagnostic tool, you can implement individually appropriate changes to your life to reach optimal health. In general, saliva testing of the adrenal glands offers a powerful tool to evaluate gastrointestinal problems, stress-related and hormone-related diseases, and the overall wellness of the human body.

Saliva testing is an extremely effective diagnostic tool to improve one's health; it offers a view into the body's emotional, hormonal, immunological, nutritional and metabolic health. The extensive range of communications and relationships among these factors opens a uniquely accurate healing protocol. Optimal health is dependent on the balance of hormones and not just a single hormone at one certain time of day. Saliva is used to pick up the nuances that may not show in blood work--how many times have you heard “blood work normal” yet you have every sign and symptom that clearly shows you are not functioning normally.

Saliva testing is convenient, non-invasive and inexpensive, which allows for needed multiple tests over an extended period of time to design individual healing programs. Saliva tests the free hormones, which are the correct reflection of the bioactivity of the hormones available for use to the bodily tissues.

Test is performed in the comfort of your own home and results are in hand approximately 1 week after you send them in. We use Diagnos-Techs labs out of Washington. This lab has been awarded accreditation by the Joint Commission for standards.

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